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From temptation to isolation .. Why does Hind Rost hate his body?


"Hind Rost is the body language, and every part of her body is talking about another story about an actress who did not have a competitor in her own way." The author of the novel, Jibran Kalil Gibran, said: "Hind Rost is the body language.

Her artistic debut enters the cinema world in a small role in the song "Atmtrai Ia Khel" of the Ghazl girlfriend with Najib Rihani and Lili Murad for launch after that and becomes one of the most important stars of the time of wonderful art.

Hind Rostom is the star of the golden generation of Egyptian cinema that managed to get the title of Queen of Seduction, a title that the stars of her generation can not access after playing the acting roles in front of top stars and formed a duo with late Farid Shavki. The films included "The Unmarried Husband, The Iron Door, The Ward of Honor" and other works. The late Rushdie Abaza also took part in a series of films including "The Conflict in the Nile, No Dream, My Heart, Six Hearts, Men in Storm,.

Bab Al-Hadid is one of the most important films of his late Hind Rostam star, characterizing the character of Hinuma as a symbol of stunning and feminine, despite wearing outfitted clothes, and her film "Red Heart" has entered the list of the 100 best films in the history of Egyptian film. The dancer falls in love with the Ali's officer and dies in Cairo. Despite the fact that many of them called her seductress queen, in one of her dialogues she confirmed that she did not like this title at all and did not like to describe them. She said that journalist Mufeed Favzi was the one who called him the title. The temptation that makes me angry when I hear him … But he drew attention to the fact that I changed my direction and my roles in the next films.
Hind Rostom was born in Muharram Bei district, Alexandria, on November 12, 1931. Her father was a cop. Due to the extraordinary seriousness with which her father was in her education, she refused to work in the technical field until she completely interrupted the relationship when she was determined to work in art.

She married twice, the first of the director Hassan Reid and gave birth to her daughter, "Besent", but then separated from him and married Dr. Mohammed Faiyad, and after the marriage with him, she volunteered to be interested in her daughter Besent.

Many films, including Ibn Hamidou, night lovers, conflict with life, sleep, heart, big brother, Ismail Jashin at the hospital crazy, conflict in Nile, spreading love and others.
After the great success of Hind Rost at the cinema, critics praised him for the awards he received, concluded his life with the film "My life is punishment", which Adil Adham and Omar Hariri presented in 1979, after which he withdrew from art and entered in complete isolation in which she refused to appear on any occasion by the Social, Artistic or Public. After the death of her husband, dr. Mohamed Faiyada, left on August 8, 2011, leaving behind a great fortune and a long history of works of art, reaching 70 films.

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