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How to maintain the heart

The heart is one of the most important parts and organs of the human body, where the heart is very important for pumping blood into all parts of the body, helping in life and performing all functions in a natural way, and the heart is responsible for the energy and vitality of all body activities, will have an impact on human life, and we will learn through the article on how to preserve the heart

How to maintain the heart

There are a number of tips that must be followed in order to maintain the heart and protect against the risk of exposure to various diseases.

1 – Always laugh in order to relieve your body of any stress or fatigue, in addition to the need to get rid of all the different life pressures, and laughter helps strengthen the muscles of the heart. Okay.

2. Avoid sources of anxiety and stress, and psychological and nervous pressure, with the need to keep away from the negative people who leave the pessimistic side of the person, and make him unprepared to turn to life.

3. Avoid using drugs and drugs because excessive use of some drugs can be a complication of reducing body immunity and affecting the work and functions of the heart.

4 – Take care to practice continuously, especially climbing and swimming, as well as climbing sports.

5 – Interest in healthy foods that keeps the heart and safety of the most important of these foods are nuts and cereals and vegetables, such as red peppers and yellow pepper, as well as tea.

6 – The need to maintain weight at normal speeds, because the accumulation of fat on the chest and heart also weakens the heart muscles and poses it to stress and many diseases.

7 – interest in the work of current tests, with dedication and visit to the doctor to ensure the safety of the heart and prevent it from exposure to serious diseases that endanger his condition.

8 – Avoid excessive smoking, with the need to keep away from alcohol consumption that affects heart health and safety.

9 – Lower the amount of salt in the food, keeping away from foods rich in spices and many spices.

10 – Eat healthy and fatless food, in which fresh fruits and vegetables should be eaten.

11 – Eat a lot of natural honey every day, especially in the morning on the empty.

12 – Ensure that you constantly eat milk as well as fish because they are rich in omega-3.

13 – Sleep long enough when an individual needs to be careful to sleep about eight hours a day to maintain the health of the heart and body in general.

– Drink coffee continuously, because most studies have shown that eating two cups of coffee every day helps to prevent the heart of many illnesses.

15 – Keep away from food and beverages leading to high blood pressure, such as warm foods, as well as high-salt foods.

Important tips for maintaining the overall body health

There are some tips that have great importance in preventing various diseases and maintaining health in general, and the most important of these tips are:

Be sure to cook and prepare food always using olive oil that is better for body health and the safety of butter and other oils, in addition to olive oil containing several calories and contains antioxidants that help protect the heart from serious illnesses, and these substances also reduce the frequency inflammation in the body.

Eat salmon especially because it contains omega-3 fatty acids, which help to reduce and reduce the amount of harmful cholesterol in the body.

Continuous tests for the detection of heart disease

There are numerous tests that must be monitored to detect heart disease, and the most important of these tests are:

Blood pressure measurement Usually, this test should begin at the age of 18, it is necessary that the blood pressure test be carried out once every two years to ensure that the blood pressure is not high.

Measure the cholesterol level in which blood cholesterol should be measured once in five years of age of 18 years.

Diabetes checks begin at 45 years of age every three years.

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