Monday , April 12 2021

Marwan Khouri: The crises of the Arab world limit artistic creativity

He told Al-Shark Al-Avsat not to look for big stars … and care about those who express his thoughts

Lebanese artist Marwan Khouri said that political and social crises in the Arab world limit creativity in the field of art and singing, and stressed in dialogue with “Ashark Al-Avsat” that he does not seek cooperation with top stars to sing his words and melodies as much as his search for with voices capable of articulating his idea well. And he explained that he would amplify his “single” songs during 2021; To compensate his fans for periods of absence from them during the last period; He was busy presenting TV programs and performing concerts.

At the beginning, Khouri talked about his new romantic song “Hey in my heart”, saying “It’s one of the songs I’ve recorded to my heart lately, and I liked that it was my first song for 2021; Because it is suitable for this period and has a special message for all lovers and lovers, and thank God the song managed to achieve great success according to the comments of my friends and fans through various social networking sites.

As for his presentation of the song in the video, after leaving this method for a few years, Khouri says: “I preferred to respond to requests from my fans to record a song for them, and I couldn’t find a better way to present it as picturesque, and here is the credit of Lebanese director Laial Rajeh, who chose the locations for the filming, despite the exhaustion. Which befell us due to the long period of shooting the clip and the precautions related to the Corona pandemic.

Khouri revealed that he has not released any albums this year, “My main plan for the current year is to increase the dose of (individual) songs; Because over the past years, I have moved away from presenting classical and classical songs to my audience, due to my constant preoccupation with presenting programs and reviving concerts in various Arab countries. “Emphasizing that he will publish a new” unique “song before the upcoming holy month of Ramadan, with the possibility of publishing it a few days after the holy month if there is a delay.

Khouri believes that writing and composing is a “spontaneous thing” for myself, saying, “I’ve been writing, composing and singing since my artistic beginnings. I may have broken that rule a few times when other composers compiled for me, but I’m basically a musician and I like to I sing my songs in which I excelled. “Because I was born in myself and I see that I am the best performer, but when I find a new musical idea and see that it is suitable for another colleague, I do not hesitate to send it to her.”

Khouri confirmed that there is a large group of Arab artists who will sing his songs during 2021, saying: “I have held a large number of working sessions and there are several artistic preparations with a large number of Arab singing stars, but it is difficult for me to reveal names before the works are completed. but what is certain for now is that there is a song with Moroccan artist Asma Lamnavar and another song with Lebanese singer Abeer Naomi, and there will be more than one work with an Egyptian artist.

Khouri denied the news that he had recently discussed his collaboration with Lebanese artist Elissa and said: “We have not met during the last period due to the consequences of the pandemic, but I hope to meet them soon with a calm pandemic in Lebanon, so we will gather a prominent work of art like the works we have presented together over the years. “

Khouri said that he is not looking for famous names that would sing his words and melodies. “I have collaborated with top singers and singers of the Arab world and achieved success with all of them, but when I send an idea or work to an artist, I do not ask for the greatness of his name and fame. as much as my search for a voice capable of expressing my ideas and adding new dimensions to them, I am not able to present them. “

Khouri explained, “Arabic music and song will continue to suffer from the crisis due to the turmoil in the region,” saying, “We must acknowledge that there is a general crisis of Arabic music and song due to the current situation.” A musician or lyric poet will not create or provide everything in his power while living in suffering, problems and crises. “During; The Arab world has been going through difficult periods for years, ending with the Corona. Therefore, we hope that the conditions will stabilize, so that we can create and perform good music. “

He ended his speech by announcing his opinion on mahragan music, “I call it Egyptian folk music … I didn’t listen to it carefully, but I liked to get to know it and the reasons for its spread in this way, and found it illuminating and discussing various issues, but in the end it doesn’t provide good musical value. “

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