Sunday , July 25 2021

Reasons for the rise in the price of the dollar on the Syrian black market

The economic expert said that the current high price of the dollar on the black market, compared with the high margin prices of the central bank, and not because of the reopening of the transit Naseeb, did not end the month of opening, and this period is not sufficient to determine its impact on the exchange rate or the market in general.

Economic expert dr. Mohammed Al-Abdullah told Al-Aiiam newspaper that the main reason for the high exchange rate is to start the rotation of the economic flow by releasing most Syrian territory and returning security to many areas, which opens the door to reconstruction and starts planting.

Al-Abdulah said that these reasons attract business people to buy raw materials and machines from abroad, which makes them buy a dollar, but what's hard is, he says, a solid and closed central policy where the Central Bank does not provide enough funds . Going to the black market to start their business, and with increasing demand for the dollar, it is normal that the price of the dollar is in the parallel market, and even if it has reached 500 or 550, and that will soon happen if the central bank continues.

The economist proposes that the balance be returned to the dollar. The central bank must work with a new dynamic strategy, so it is commensurate with the beginning of the reconstruction phase.

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And to work with an open mentality on a new reality, if there is a demand for the dollar, and this is expected of this size without changing the "central" of its monetary policy does not exclude itself after a year to touch the exchange rate of Syria according to the dollar records, and the Central "to find a clear strategy encourages men to Return Work, take action to facilitate their business and open a new business.

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