Sunday , April 2 2023

"Saudi Electric" gets a global certificate of innovation and creativity


The Saudi Electric Company (SCEC) received the Gold Certification from the British Idea of ​​Innovation Company, becoming the first facility in Saudi Arabia that received this global certification of the 32nd British Idea Society.
At the competition, Eng. Iasser Al Mutawa of the Ghazlan Power Plant won the second prize in the financial category of the Innovation Awards at the conference for his invention to solve the problem of water pipes in the station and parts of his innovation in saving 6 million riyals.
Eng. Sadik Al Abbad, from the village power plant, second place for the innovation category, also expressed his creative idea to solve the problem of leakage in the plant, which resulted in a shortening of the repair time of the faulty pipes from 120 minutes to 5 minutes. The company won the second place in the financial category and innovation category.
Abdulrahman Al Obaid, senior vice president of human resources at the Saudi Electric Power Industry, received an accreditation certificate, and the British Innovation Innovation Association praised Saudi electricity for supporting its creative ideas in the Kingdom.
Al-Obaid said that this classification has meant a lot to Saudi electricity and its support for innovation programs for more than 15 years and strengthens its position in the field of creativity and access to its employees in the world.

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