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Smoking of the mother during pregnancy affects the baby due to the eye


WARNING: Lady's mother during pregnancy affects the baby's eyes
Faces the eyes in an unbalanced state

Posted in Harmoni on 08 – 11 – 2018

According to a recent Chinese study, mother's smoking during pregnancy brings her children at risk of illness and poor vision.
The study was conducted by researchers at the Huazhong University of Science and Technology in China and published their findings on Wednesday in the Acta Ophthalmologica Journal.
Chir is an optical defect that makes the eyes in an unbalanced state, so that every eye rotates in the other direction. One eye can focus forward, while the other eye reflects on the inside, from the outside, up or down.
This imbalance can be observed in the eyes, and sometimes sometimes disappears or disappears. This imbalance can be transmitted between the eyes.
Eyes around the eyes can cause visual disturbances, and sometimes lead to dual vision and poor vision, as well as "blurred" or "lazy eyes" due to eye neglect in one eye.
In order to investigate the relationship between mothers smoking and childhood injuries, the team reviewed the results of 11 scientific studies carried out in this regard.
They found that mother's smoking during pregnancy led to an increase in the risk of neonatal fatalities of 46 percent, which is one of the most common eye diseases in children.
The researchers also found that maternal smoking of 10 cigarettes per day during pregnancy was associated with 79 percent of the increased risk of developing a disease among their children.
"Smoking is a public health problem, especially in developing countries, and has a major impact on birth control," said Dr Zukson Lov, a research team leader.
Previous studies have shown that women who smoke during pregnancy are more likely to have children with health problems, especially low birth weight, premature birth, birth defects and sudden infant death syndrome.
She added that smoking of the mother also affects the efficacy of lungs in infants, which are the main causes of infant mortality, in addition to the negative impact on physical growth and maturity in adolescence.
The World Health Organization (VHO) said in its latest report that about 6 million people are killed each year in the Eastern Mediterranean region, including more than 5 million existing and present tobacco users, and about 600,000 non-smokers.
Smoking is one of the main causes of many chronic diseases, including cancer, lung disease, heart disease, and blood vessels.

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