Thursday , September 29 2022

Surprise .. Early waking protects women from breast cancer –


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"Al-Ahsa Today" – Al-Ahsa

Women who wake up on a daily basis have less chance of developing breast cancer than those who sleep until evening, according to a recent study.

According to Daili Mail, a study of more than 400,000 women found that the risk of breast cancer was 48 percent lower.

Scientists, led by the University of Bristol, have shown that women who slept longer than the recommended seven to eight o'clock in the evening increased their chances of diagnosing breast cancer by 20 per cent for each additional hour.

Researchers have explained that those who work better in the morning sleep better and wake up early, and those who stay in the evening may have a sleep disorder that can affect the risk of cancer.

Researchers believe that staying awake for an extended period of time can have an effect on the woman's body clock, which increases the risk, which reminds of previous studies found by night shift workers, and those who are exposed to more industrial light at night are more likely to develop cancer.

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