Saturday , February 4 2023

The Egyptian stock market gets 4.1 billion pounds, supported by procurement by institutions and investment funds


Egyptian stock indexes recorded a mass meeting near today's trading, with the support of purchases by local and foreign investment institutions and funds, while Arab investors had a tendency to sell.
The market capitalization of these companies closed to 4.1 billion LE for closing in the amount of 754.8 billion LE, with a turnover of 1.6 billion LE, which includes transactions in the main trading market and transactional transactions.
The main index of the Egyptian Stock Exchange (EGX 30) increased by 0.49% and reached 13234.62 points. The index of small and medium-sized shares (EGKS70) rose by 0.01% to 682.09 points. 02% to their value reached 1711.13 points.
At the end of trading, prices of stocks of 100 companies, while the prices of shares of 43 companies and 33 companies kept the prices of previous closing.

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