Saturday , June 3 2023

The Olympic team wins Tunisia in a friendly neighborhood


The Egyptian Olympic team beat Tunisia 4-1 in a friendly match at a sub-pole in the Burj al Arab Stadium, as part of preparations for the 2019 African Championship in the Olympic Games 2020 qualifiers.

Shavki Gharib, the Olympic team coach, began to form a component: Goalkeepers: Omar Radwan – Defending: Osama Jalal, Ahmed Ramadan Beckham, Mahmud Al Jazar – Middle: Camacho, Ramadan Sobhi, Akrim Tavfik, Nasser Maher, Mohamed Sadik, Mostafa Mohammed.

Tunisia played 16 minutes after Ramadan Sobhi defeated Osama Galal, the defender's heart. Mustafa Mohammed returned in the 26th minute, and the result came from a double side wall that was wrong with Vase Al-Karavi. In 29th minute, using Nasser Maher and reinforcing the alternative result of Karim Irak and Nasser Mansi, two consecutive goals in the last two minutes.

The first half came as a result of the Egyptian team, whose players missed many opportunities led by Ramadan Sobhi, who participated in the rudder, and the performance fell in the second half after the team made a number of changes and reached 10 changes before they young Pharaohs rose in the second half Two consecutive goals in the last two minutes.

Coach of Egypt's first team, led by Mexican coach Javier Aguirre and coach Hani Ramzi, attended the match, next to Hani Abu Reda, president of the Football Association.

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