Saturday , April 1 2023

They are Video Details The injured singer has promised burns to the face due to unsuccessful cosmetic surgery


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Social networking pioneers posted a Saudi singer-songwriter, Vaada, with face burns as a result of her submission to an unsuccessful cosmetic agent.

"God does not forgive her, God loves me and, I am an agent," she said in a video posted by her supporters on her Snape Chat account that she had experienced a failed face by a doctor in the emirate of Dubai in the bay.

She explained that she had a very bad psychological condition after she discovered the results of a failed operation, until she took advantage of two other doctors to repair the deformations of her face after severe damage.

Saudi Arabia recently promised the latest episode of a talented Saudi star with healthy skin, indicating that her condition was significantly improved and that her face did not affect the burns he suffered due to failed operations.

Promise is far from album release for more than eight years, and the most prominent albums "Madness" and "point of view" and "Ah Ahlam".

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