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Auto test: the new Audi K3 has grown well


The second generation of mid-size SUV Audi has grown and is much more acceptable than the previous one.

At first glance, it is perfectly in line with other SUVs of the brand. But as it has now become a habit for all brands, new generations that appear on the market are still getting to the extent. This is not the case for this harvest K3 2019, which, by its length, increases by 10 centimeters compared to the previous generation.

It also has a look, trim, which looks like a customer, especially if we adopt 20-inch wheels available in the S-line, like a diffuser and a large front gill, and a spoiler. back.

Inside, this new K3, custom-adapted, displays one of the most beautiful dashboards in the segment, thanks to a reminder of the body color for the best effect, while removing the most critically scattered criticism until then, as Audi's interior was sometimes too sober, or too boring.

For the rest, the typical builder of the ring remains warm and comfortable. K3 now has a well-known virtual cockpit, and its multimedia display is perfectly integrated into the control panel, an important reminder, because it has not always been the case in the past for many models …

Pay attention to the space saving, especially at the rear (wheelbase also increased by 8 cm) where the bench, backrest slides to 15 cm, while at the same time exceeding the luggage compartment range from 530 to 670 l, and vice versa.

The engine question, 150 hp of our test model has done its job perfectly, still prefering a clean pipe hose instead … cravachee! Swivelable and well-integrated, the K3 is comfortable everyday. Optional pilot suspension is a plus that is enjoyed with enthusiasm but which also pays off … Keep in mind that this same engine also prepares K2 where it is heard more, and the sound insulation is higher on K3. Well connected, the car can be equipped with many aids and safety, and the list of options is endless, as always with Audi, where we were told that the customers like it! We have resources or we do not have …

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