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big spoon of the future of Basel balanced … Gustavo Poiet!

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Real Madrid striker Gareth Bale has already recovered from the return of Zidane. What should we consider in the rest of our career in Madrid?

While taking over Real Madrid for a few days, Zinedine Zidane has already printed his return leg as the carrier of several important players in the previous term.

Among them, Gareth Bale was titled by Zidane and took a major part in winning his team against Celta Vigo, striking the second goal of the merengue. However, if we believe the team of the day, that should not jeopardize the future that would have gone through the departure of Real Madrid this summer, probably for England.

However, if we believe in former coach Girondin Gustave Poiet, it would be far from going. In the debate, Poiet said he had spoken to Bale about his situation, and his departure would not be relevant at all. " I saw happy Bale, I asked him how he felt until all rumors announced the revolution of Zidane. He told me he was very happy here. He has three children, the time in Madrid is incredible … I think Bale will not leave the team. Unless the coach asks for it "Will Zidane then choose to push his player to the exit?

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