Monday , March 27 2023

Chris Brovn would do anything to get Rihanna's heart back and marry her


Chris Brown would have decided to do her best to make a ring on Rihanna's finger.

Chris Brovn entered the cover in 2009 because he beat Rihanna, his girlfriend. He pleaded guilty and was under surveillance for six years. Years later, the singer found love in the hands of Drake for several months, and for more than a year at Hassan Jameel, a Saudi billionaire. But since June Riri is just one, tired of men, she decided to live for her. A woman who is very busy with her charity activities, but also with Fent, her brand of cosmetics and Savage to Fent, her brand for underwear, just wants to stay for a while.

Chris Brovn, who has never recovered from the breakup, is still hoping that Rihanna will return one day. A 29-year-old artist even wants to marry his ex-companion, reveals The artist "With You" would be delighted with this break.

The American singer will be relieved because he feared Hassan Jameel asked him for the hand of his former, and the other admitted. "He was so concerned that Ryan would marry Hassan, totally destroy him. But now that everything is over, there is hope. This is the only woman she wants to marry, and now Hassan is eliminated"says a close friend of Chris Brown, but the singer knows that there is not much to seduce Riri after he was violently attacked nine years ago. And Barbadienne, who had a hard time rebuilding when she won the one she loved, did not want to Continue this toxic link so as not to set a bad example for your fans.

But Chris is not desperate. "He knows that Rihanna's family has a weakness. He hoped to help him in his approach. He had already sent birthday gifts to Rihan's grandfather, who just had 90 years of age. He knew him well when he came out with her"adds the source, stating that the singer thanked Chris for his gesture to his grandfather.

Rihanna plays with her grandfather on the day of her 90th birthday.

"He began to buy luxury and find the most beautiful gifts that Rihanna sentThe source is ignored, however, if Chris is probably again part of Diamonds performer's life.

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