Monday , November 29 2021

Closing in Abidjan of Cine Whirl of Vibration 2018 with "Dawn of Pain"


APA-Abidjan (Ivory Coast)

The tenth edition of the Cine Droit Liberte Film Festival closed on Saturday with the film "The Illness of Demons" by German Lilith Kugler, confirming the difficult conditions of mentally ill and epileptic people, found APA on the spot in the Ivorian economic capital.

This film filmed in 2016 in Burkina Faso highlights in 90 minutes, prayer camps of mentally ill and epileptic, especially the action of Pastor Gunitenge. "This is an important topic for many countries," she said.

At the end of this edition, the coordinator of the festival, Iacouba Sangare, said he was "pleased with the smooth running," stressing that open-air excursions were sometimes aggravated by bad weather.

Poet-lyricist Alain Tailli, in his concept "Enfantiazz", welcomed the audience of this closing live.

Festival Cine libre libre is an alternative festival devoted to films about human rights and freedom of expression in Africa.

It was created in 2005 by Semfilms Association in Burkina Faso and was organized in Cote d 'Ivoire by the Cine Connection association since 2008. The screening of the film during this festival follows the debate.


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