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Fitting with Vade: Sonko fishing in the system

Ousmane Sonko wants a contribution from the Senegalese Democratic Party and its leader. He announced it on Saturday after a meeting with Abdoulaie Vade at the Terrou Bi Hotel. In the face of the press, he also said that they personally focused on the transparency of the electoral process.

Ousmane Sonko, the candidate of the "anti-system", met on Saturday, Abdoulaie Vade, one of the system's symbols. Better yet, the leader of the Sonko Coalition, the President wants to write Pope Sopi in his camp. "If we have the contributions of President Abdoulai Wade and Pds, this is something extraordinary and great for us. We would like to have the support of Pds and President Abdoulai Vade," he said at the end of his interview with Me Vade, who lasted For almost two hours, accompanied by Boubacar Camara and Pierre Goudiabi Atepa After a few minutes of development between Amadou Sall and Amadou Sall, Sonko arrived and then Abdoulaie Vade in a cramped room. A moment marked by warm greetings between two men, perpetuated by photographer and cameraman. "Viviane, Ogi, and Sonka cure "asks the old man. osmium, the lips, Ousmane Sonko handled with Viviane Wade. After this sequence, the door closes after journalists asked to leave the room. The camera is.
In addition, Sonko defended himself by trying to give a new definition of the system that governs Senegal from gaining independence and says he is fighting. According to him, "the system we are talking about goes beyond men. At one point, a person could have been responsible for this or that and finally came a few years later, a few months later in another dynamic statement that we could do better." "Do not be misled about the system , we are talking about the functioning of the state, but not the men targeted, "he tries to justify his approach that surprised more than one.Thus, at a time when" professional politicians "are in a mismatch, Ousmane Sonko is ready to deny everything.He said: We're open for every save with which he would free Senegal from this Mackey Sall regime, but we are not in the race for alliances. "Senegal's Democratic Party for" this openness to their coalition, "although it claimed the alliance was not on the agenda.
He also hinted that they were ready to follow Vade in his fight, without any further details on how to proceed. According to him, their discussion focused on the transparency of the electoral process. It remains to be seen whether the candidate candidates will join Ousman Sonk. The future will build us.

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