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Four promoters were held in Kuebeck to serve the North Coast in the LNG

(Photo: Energize)

Four developers are qualified to supply the North Coast with liquid natural gas.

Québec wants to allow large producers
access to this energy source in a stable and competitive way.
The use of LNG would be an advantage for profitability
territories, in particular. Cote-Nord is the only industrial region in the province
that there is no access.

Minister of Energy and Resources
Cote-Nord, Jonathan Julien, talks about potential
development related to LNG.

Last year, the Ministry of Energy and Society
from Nord Nord have called for projects aimed at establishing a
a solution for serving liquefied natural gas on the north coast and
potentially in Nord-du-Quebec.

Minister of Energy and Resources
On Thursday, they announced in September, companies were detained
Seven gave suggestions: Because LNG, Criopeak, Energize and
Decentralized gas solutions Canada – DGSC.

The CAK government plans $ 70m in its latest budget for liquefied natural gas services on the north coast. On this $ 25 million it is reserved to help industrialists transform their installations and turn them into them. An additional $ 45 million is also intended for industrialists from the North Coast in the new component of the EcoPerformance Transition energetikue Kuebec program.

The use of LNG in the region would allow
Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 30% compared to large ones
current use of fuel oil.

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