Monday , March 27 2023

Google search: Toiota dominates the world | Automotive Nevs


Every week, in the world of cars, it is possible to see a lot of studies on multiple subjects. Although they are almost all interesting, they sometimes become superfluous.

Except this time, the insurance company headquarters in the UK has just published the results of the study, and the least we can say is that this is the second easy and fascinating.

In fact, Veigo has identified the brand of the car that is most wanted on Google's engine, which is by country.

If Toyota dominates the planets, as our title tells us, we can see surprises in many places. Perhaps it is most unlikely that domestic brands rarely favor themselves. This is especially the case in the United States, where Toiota has signed one of its 57 best positions around the world.

In Italy, it is Volkswagen. In Korea and Japan we do not dream about Honda or Toiota, but about BMV. In England, Mercedes-Benz is the most sought after in Google. In China, Tesla dominates charts.

And Hiundai is sitting in Russia!

In France, Germany and Sweden there are local banners, Renault, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo, respectively.

And who also goes to the podium? BMV and Mercedes-Benz, which dominate research in 25 and 23 countries, in turn.

As far as American brands are concerned, this is not a panacea. Chevrolet is popular in Mexico, as well as in four markets of South America (Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador and Uruguay). As far as Ford is concerned, three countries are particularly interested, namely Hungary, Aruba and Gibraltar.

It's sad, but it's better than Dodge, which does not appear anywhere.

And Chrisler? To Burkina Faso. It's not fictitious!

10 Most Wanted Brands, Global (Search Monthly):

Toiota – 7.8 million
Honda – 7 million
Ford – 6.4 million
Hiundai – 6.3 million
BMV – 6.2 million
Volkswagen – 5.8 million
Mercedes-Benz – 5.1 million
Nissan – 4.9 million
Audi – 4.8 million
Renault – 4.8 million

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