Wednesday , January 27 2021

He wore El Hadj Ass Ass Wade to his head

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Stadium Mbour: El Hadj Ass Vade worn to the head

The general assembly of the Stade de Mbour club was held this week at the Caroline Faie stadium. El Hadji Ass Wade was brought to the helm of the club after the withdrawal of candidate Moussa Mbaie, a few days ago. The new president calls on all extras to work on the excellence of his club.

“There’s a lot of responsibility. But it’s a responsibility I can’t take on my own. I’m the president of the Stade de Mbour with a board of 58 members who are equally more responsible than me, I urge them to ‘invest. legal entity, I will take responsibility for that.

I am a facilitator, but I would like everyone to take their responsibilities and together make this club one of the greatest, “said El Hadji Ass Wade after the election.

The new president, who sets himself the ambition to win the Senegal Cup, to become the champion of Senegal, to win the League Cup, ensures that the rules of business will be defined, a charter of good behavior that will fulfill his mandate.

The author: Khadi NDOIE correspondent Mbour –

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