Monday , February 6 2023

Idris Elba, the holy "most sexy man": "My mom will be very proud!"


In a video shot for the play by Jimmy Falon, Idris Elba reacted: "It's great! I'm very happy. Thank you very much for the magazine people to make me the sexiest man in the world. My mom will be very proud"he was furious.

One of those who have been long rewarded to succeed Daniel Craig as James Bond and who is known to the general public for his roles in the series The Vire and in Marvel's universe (he is actually Heimdall in the trilogy thor in the latest episodesavengersIdris Elba also mentioned this title in an interview for people, necessarily. "When I was told, I said, "What, really?" I looked at the mirror, I looked at myself. And I thought, "It's true that you're pretty sexy today." But to be honest, it was just a nice feeling. Nice surprise. boost for the ego, it's clear"He fell.

Dedicated for several months in the model Sabrina Dhovra (29 years old), Idris Elba spoke about her greatest pride: her children, Isan (born in 2002, whose mother is the first woman Hanne Norgaard) and Winston (born in 2014 from a previous relationship from the top Naiiana Garth). "The testimony of the birth of my children was the most beautiful thing. I like to be daddy, I like to take a shower, to say "I love you". I'm sure my daughter will say, "OK, Dad, relax." My son is still at a time when he loves kisseshe concluded.

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