Sunday , February 28 2021

In Thies, artisans and traders say they are disappointed

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Traders disappointed with the opening and closing times of the market

As part of the response against the revival of Covid-19, new opening and closing opening hours are in force in three departments of the Thies region, also under curfew like Dakar. Thus, the markets remain open from Monday to Saturday from 6 am to 6 pm, and will be closed on Sunday according to the orders signed by the prefects of Thies, Mbour and Tivaouane.

In Thies, Seneveb gathered the reactions of merchants who mostly expressed their disappointment. “The decision to close the market at 6 pm is ineffective, the measure does not make sense; the virus appears to circulate only at night. The curfew and what goes with it are ineffective. The proof is that the virus is still present “, realizes Daouda Ngom, a shoemaker, who advocates respecting gesture barriers instead of closing the market.

“The army is there, as are the police, so it is desirable that they carry out strict checks and sanction the disobedient, those who do not respect the gestures of the barrier.” We work as before, respecting the measures! “Covid has been there since March, there is no going back,” he said.

According to traders, the markets feel the full burden of the effects of Covid-19. “I am a shoemaker, I worked until 10 pm. “Inform the President of the Republic that we are more than tired,” Ibrahima was indignant.

Same story with this model that was established in the Moussante market. He is already worried because he signed up for orders. “Everyone is suffering the consequences of Covid. I am a tailor, I have hired orders; I don’t know which leg to dance on anymore. We, the craftsmen, the authorities have promised help, which we are still waiting for. “

However, those who violate these measures are subject to penalties provided by applicable laws and regulations, we read in the administrative documents.

The author: Ndeie Astou KONATE (correspondent) Thies –

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