Monday , March 8 2021

INFANTICIDE Helped by the mother: She killed and buried the newborn baby by her boyfriend

To save her honor, a young girl, Ndathe Diane, who got pregnant before pregnancy, decided to end the days of her newborn after hiding the pregnancy from her neighborhood, with the complicity of her mother Ami Colle Gueie. This Tuesday, the mother and her daughter appeared for infanticide, and their acolyte Mamadi Balde for burial without approval. The women face 5 years in prison and their co-defendants 2 months in prison. They will be instructed about their fate on March 2.

Some women would sell all their property to have a child. But others for whom the sanctity of life has no effect, even offer themselves the luxury of killing these poor innocent people. The facts due to which Ndathe Diane appeared before the criminal council happened in Diamniadio on the night of October 9-10, 2017. A young girl Ndathe Diane, 20 years old, just gave birth to a boy in the presence of her mother. After the birth, Ami Colle Gueie and his daughter decided to shorten the days for this child from an extramarital affair. After the crime, they called the child’s father to tell him that the newborn was dead.
What is surprising in this case is the attitude of the author of this pregnancy, Mamadi Balda, who also buried the child in the presence of her girlfriend’s mother. Unfortunately, the neighbor who accompanied them declared them the gendarmerie.
Arrested, Ndate Diane was the subject of a consultation after which a medical certificate confirmed the recent birth of a child. But as she did not want to pay for this act herself, she declared her mother her accomplice who would help her hide her pregnancy. As their information, they stated in front of the dolls that the child was stillborn.
This Tuesday, in front of the criminal council’s attorney’s office, where they appeared due to infanticide, Ndathe Diane stated that she discovered her pregnancy only after 3 months. “We did not want this case to be published. That’s why I never went to prenatal visits. No one in the house knew about my pregnancy. Only my mom and my boyfriend knew that. I gave birth alone in the bedroom. The child suddenly came out with an umbilical cord that I did not cut. My mother accidentally stumbled upon the birth of my stillborn boy after returning from the ceremony around 10 p.m. She called my boyfriend to tell him that the child had passed away. And the next day he buried him in the house, “Ms. Diana explained. However, in the preliminary investigation, she said that her mother helped her during the birth.
But she claims that she discovered her daughter’s pregnancy in her seventh month. However, she admits that she helped her hide her pregnancy, but denies that she participated in the infanticide. “I was not even aware that Mamadi Balde buried him in the house. I found out during the investigation, “she said.
But the child’s father disputes such statements. “She called me that day to tell me that her daughter and my son were doing well. “30 minutes later, she called me to inform me about the death of my child, whom I buried on her orders,” he said.
The midwife who appeared as a witness drives the point home. She claims that Ndathe Diana’s daughter begged her to tell the Pandora that she was innocent. It was after she discovered that the young lady had just given birth.
In the eyes of the master of persecution, the accused wanted to take the life of a newborn. They hid the pregnancy and childbirth from the people around them, the representative of the Prosecutor’s Office noted, emphasizing that they presented several versions during the procedure. Convinced that there was bad faith, he demanded five years of hard work for the accused and two months for Mamadi Balde.
For the defense attorney, his client feared retaliation for her stepfather watching their behavior. This explains the fact that they hid the pregnancy. The defense sought an acquittal. The decision will be made on March 2.

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