Tuesday , May 30 2023

JUMIA appoints 5 million for BLACK FRIDAI with discounts of 90%


After Jumi's huge black Friday success in 2017, with more than 3 million visitors on his platform, he will announce the return of his 4th edition, which will be from November 16 to December 7, during which Jumia will offer discounts of up to 90% to different product categories including smartphones, TVs, devices, cosmetics, fashion … etc.

With this initiative, Jumia definitely registers digital sales in Algeria and creates new shopping experience by avoiding travel restrictions and limited choice, allowing access to products at any time of the day or week and delivered at home with a cash on delivery.

For this year, the surprise is great: there will be not only one, but the fourth black Friday, whose concept is the fourth step after special promotions every Friday with a treasure hunt, the principle of which is to launch gifts such as smart TV, laptop and others on the 1 symbolic Da , flash sales (short-selling discounted prices) with smartphones that will be -90% off, 18K gold bags and lots of gifts for all this event as well as discount coupons.

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