Friday , June 2 2023

Kalidou Koulibali, the Senegalese wall in Naples


At 27, Kalidou Koulibali, a Senegalese international, became the pillar in the club in Naples, one of the tenors of the Italian championship. The central defender, great in Serie A and the Champions League, and then the biggest European clubs, is today considered one of the best central defense players in the world.

A video of his recovery from the ball in the opponent's legs, followed by a fantastic ride that leads a determined permeability to his insignia Insigne in Naples-Empoli (5-1) last Friday, has already made a round of the web. Just like the sequence in which Kalidou Koulibali sees, at training, he inherited the miracle of the impact right in the window of his left foot. Senegal is no longer unfamiliar to football followers. Since 2014 and his arrival to Naples from Geneva (Belgium), the central defender has won at the very demanding Italian championship until the moment he is part of the standard team of the year in Serie A in the last three seasons.

He recently remembered good memories of Europe after successful appearances against offensive Liverpool (1-0) and PSG (2-2) in the Champions League. This was not a discovery for European clubs, but a talent test of Kalidou Koulibali whose name often returns to a portable messenger linked to European Behemoths such as Chelsea, Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid or Baiern Munich. Recently, his president, Aurelio De Laurentiis, even claimed that he "refused three offers, including 90 million euros from the Premier League club."

Adouba would have Maradona

Number 26 Napolitanac did not succumb to cheese clubs that were superior and preferred extension of contract until 2023. "Naples is my home," Koulibali said after the extension of his lease with Neapolitan club. It must be said that Senegal has now overcome the status of a player in the club of southern Italy. His aura increased significantly, especially after his goal against Juventus from Torino (1-0) in April last year, which gave hope to all Azzurro people who dreamed of the title of the champion since 1990 and Diego Maradona time. The Argentine genius did not hesitate to alleviate the one who considers "the best player" Serie A. "Coulibaly is a phenomenon," he said, "if he was white, he would play for Real Madrid or FC Barcelona," Maradona told the Italian newspaper Tutto Napoli.

For now, the Senegalese international feels well in a club that has directed him into the circle of the best defenders in the world, even if he is afraid of the day when he will have to say hello to Naples. "I was told to cry twice in Naples, coming to the club and leaving him. I did not pay when I arrived in Naples, but one thing is certain: I would cry when I leave the city. I really hope that it will be as possible", hopes in an interview with Corriere dello Sport.

In the meantime, Kalidou Koulibali still has the challenge of overcoming Naples. Next; a return match against PSG Neimar and Mbappe, on Tuesday in the Champions League. A decisive qualifying round in 16th round and a new chance to climb to Europe he deserved may be on the list of 30 nominated Ballon d 'Or France Footballs.


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