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Keblack with Nazo for video "Voiou" [VIDEOCLIP]


Posted on November 12, 2018 at 16h43 by RomaneDvl

A clip in the vein of a famous duo …

Keblack with Nash for video

Last May, Keblack discovered Apartment 105, his second album managed to celebrate First floor. The project, which was very well received by the audience, once again continues to see some of his copies. This time, This is davilac which offers visual quality.

Keblack speaks to her everyday life

A few months after launch, Keblack's second album continues to be celebrated in the pictures. Today is davilac, the fifteenth title of the project, which is translated into a dark piston where cars are at a meeting. At night, Keblack surrounds him with some accessories, but especially his team and his colleague Nazaou for some buses.

The guard was farted, I have to find a little jar / The buyer did not pay I have to find his address / And while I handle the rin-and they typed on my jacket / They do business with me, but I know they hate me

"Apartment 105" is always available

Keblack will appear in the French tail for more than three years, having become a real reporter. In 2017 he released his first album titled " First floor, wore large tubes such as Bazardee, valou with Niško, object with Naza and Mr. You or She makes me look. May 11, the rapper and the singer signed the independent label Bomaie Music Apartment 105, the new project made this way from 29 titles, no less! A particularly massive achievement that we can inevitably find Ioussoupha, his subordinate Naza, Fianco or young young journalist Iaro. With always responsible audiences and always proven productivity, Keblack is likely to return in a few months to release a new album …

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