Friday , August 19 2022

Leonardo: Encouraged by Consulting Buying Analysts (5%)


The Oddo BHF study revealed from a "neutral" Purchasing his advice on the action of the Italian aeronautics and defense group Leonardo, well-orientated Milan (+ 13% yesterday, + 5%). After the good end of 2018, the title for the title is "impossible to justify," analysts say. To fix 12.5 euros, the new target has a potential growth of around 25%.

"After the poor third quarter of 2018, which re-introduced the suspicion of Leonard's profit recovery recovery speed," the survey says, "the release of the fourth quarter allows the new management team to successfully cross its first year to complete all of its goals. & # 39;

Oddo BHF adds: "Progress made in 2018 makes the objectives of the plan (horizon 2020) conducted by Alessandro Profumo credible and no longer allows the current levels of data to be justified in relation to the European defense. Indeed, Leonardo was valued at a ratio of business value / operation ratio of 7.2 times in 2020, compared with 9.3 times in the sector. PER are 7.6 and 13.1 times.

The mild progress of the plan now justifies our eyes the re-rating (re-rating, ed) of the title & # 39; ending with Oddo BHF.

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