Wednesday , January 27 2021

Mercato: Boulaie Dia wants to focus on the sporting aspect before the financial one

Having a good exit from the summer transfer window of 2022, Boulaie finally stayed at the Reims stadium. The 24-year-old Senegalese striker does not want to hurry and goes to leave.

Desired by several Premier League clubs last summer, Boulaie Dia has finally not found the right fit. In L’Equipe’s columns this Saturday, striker Stade de Reims explains the reasons: “I have always favored the athlete. When I signed the contract for Reims in 2008, I already had bigger financial proposals. Favoring money remains the wrong choice for me. ” he explains.

Boulaie Dia wants to be filled with sports.

In the Premier League, Manchester United remains the club that is most interested in the former player Jura Sud. But even here, despite the attractiveness of the Mancuni club, the sporting choice is not necessarily obvious due to the great competition that Boulaie Dia is likely to encounter in this position: “It is better to be fulfilled in sports. If you have money, but you are not good on the field … We are happy with the ball! I understand those who choose a financier. But if the athlete is good, the rest will follow. “ he added.

A trend that is being confirmed.

The trend, which was confirmed by the president of the Stade de Reims while Boulaie Dia, is estimated at around 30 million euros in England: We recently talked about it with his agent. He didn’t leave because he didn’t have the project he wanted and the proposal he wanted »Said Jean-Pierre Caillot, in the comments of France-Football. In any case, at Manchester United we are still considering returning to payment during the winter transfer window of 2021. In France, OM would be most interested.


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