Friday , August 12 2022

"Nevark", the sign "Soprana" will be published in 2020


When entering into psychoanalysis, it is often longer than expected. Fans of Tony Sopran know something: they are twelve years old, hit by a trauma a final standard open, too open. Let them finally be sure: nevark, antigodes soprano (1999-2007) will be released in theaters next year, specifically September 25th in the United States. Possibility to explore the childhood of the most neurotic mafia in New Jersey, with the idea that transfer is always the first step toward healing: Michael Gandolfini (recently seen in The Deuce) will play the young Tony Soprano, the role once held by his late father, the famous James Gandolfini. In this gesture for the least anxious and brave, Michael can count on the grip of other old mobsters (but only on the screen), no less important: Rai Liotta (The freedmen, 1990) and Alessandro Nivola (The most violent year, 2014) to list only some. Other characters in the series should also show their nose, while the plot, this will happen at the time of the racial unrest in 1967. bloodshed (26 dead and hundreds wounded). A context that is extremely harmful in building a future godfather … It remains to be seen whether the bridle was realized by the stubborn Alan Tailor (Thor: The world of darkness, Terminator Genisis) will be able to liberate the heavy heritage of one of the largest series in the world. Take care very much when you know that this is the creator, David Chase, who writes the script. The diagnosis is at the end of next year.

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