Thursday , August 11 2022

Paul Scholes's hallucinating underwear


On February 11, Paul Scholes set off at the footsteps of Ryan Giggs, Ole Gunnar Solskjær, Roi Kean and Garry Neville in front of one of the former Manchester United players who took the club, Oldham, a club. playing in League 2, that is, in the English fifth division. But yesterday, dumb. Just over a month after the promotion, Paul Scholes published a press release to announce his departure immediately.

"Unfortunately, it became clear that I would not be able to do the thing I wanted and as they told me before I took this job." I was hoping to respect at least my 18-month contract as a club manager who I supported all my life. I was excited to take over that role. I want fans, players and staff best for the rest of the season, and I will remain a fan of the club. " An announcement that did not fail to reduce everything. And it does not miss it especially spicy. Primarily, SkiSports tells us that Scholes meant his departure to the owner of the club, Abdallah Lemsagamu, via VhatsApp messages!

Resign over VhatsApp

No one had been warned before. A surprising bamboo that surprised Lemsagam. Oldham is disappointed with Paul's decision and surprised by the reasons cited. the club gave him the autonomy he was looking for. He simply resigned the message, refusing to discuss it. Management is a difficult job and we would work with Paul to find a solution if he gave us a chance. We will now look for a new coach "he told the English media.

If we rely on the speech of the club's chief, the manner in which Paul Scholes plays does not look so glorious. Besides Daili Mail He gave some details of the adventure that a former middle-aged man lived in Oldham. The English tabloid also attacks his paper wondering how Scholes spent 31 days in this club, located northeast of Manchester. And that's not all. The conditions in which Scholes evolved for a month are worth a visit. The first example: On February 23, Oldham went to Buri on the 34th day of League 2. Only concern, the team bus never appeared to take the players.

Gas cutting, unpaid bills and interruptions

Reason? The bus was not paid, and Oldham had to call his opponent to find out if he had parking for several vehicles. Unfortunately, there was not enough room, but at the last moment a replacement vehicle was found. This was not always the case because the players often had to go to the games with their car. Another ridiculous discovery for Scholes: a few days before his enthronement, bailiffs came to reduce gas in the club's premises after unpaid bills. The result: players had to bring home clothes to wash them. In the Department for unpaid invoices, the equipment equipped with GPS has not been paid for two years!

Finally, the interference of his boss Lemsgama with team compositions was also problematic. Daili Mail tells us that the mole gave the compositions to the head of the club before the meetings. The latter then tried to change his mind and Scholes recovered considerably when he envisaged a non-closing clause in his contract. The clause is not respected at all because the brother of the owner (who is the sports director), Mohammed Lemsagam, also sent an email to tell him who should play. It is unacceptable for Scholes, who has therefore made luggage.

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