Wednesday , March 22 2023

Premier League (J12): Relive Chelsea


5:16 in the evening

Thanks to everyone you've followed this match with us, find a summary in a few minutes on our site. We meet again for the derby in Manchester!

5:15 in the evening

After a very bad first period, Chelsea raised the level, but fell to Pickford and the perfect defense of Toffees. In the end, with this sad draw (0: 0), Chelsea misses the chance to return to Liverpool to lead the Premier League, while Everton stays in the middle of the table.

5:11 in the evening

90 & # 39; + 5 In the final free kick for Blues, Friend whistles for the end of this match in this draw (0-0)!

5:10 in the evening 90 + 4 At the cross of David Luiz, Morata is at the reception, but Mina is flawless in his intervention.

5:08 in the evening 90 + 2 On a long ball, Arrizabalaga must intervene against Calvert-Levin.

5:06 in the evening 90 It will take five minutes of extra time.

5:04 in the evening 88 & # 39; Touch, Richarison gives Dominico Calvert-Levin a priority.

5:03 in the evening 87 & # 39; Yellow card for Alvaro Morata.

5:03 in the evening 86 & # 39; On the ground, Richarison complained to his right thigh.

5:02 in the evening 84 & # 39; A good opportunity for Tefei in the opposite area, but it is suppressed.

4:58 in the evening 82 & # 39; About twenty yards of Barklei struck, but he was completely screwed.

4:57 in the evening 81 & # 39; Chelsea, Ross Barklei replaced Mateo Kovačić.

4:55 in the evening 80 & # 39; The holy number of Rightman right and Arrizabalaga comes in to put the ball in the corner.

4:54 in the evening 78 & # 39; The record and Chelsea still can not.

4:52 in the evening 75 & # 39; The second change of Marco da Silva, Gilfi Sigurdsson gives way to Phil Jagielki.

4:49 in the evening 73 & # 39; To save time, Jordan Pickford is yellow.

4:48 in the evening 72 & # 39; After the recovery of David Luise, Kovacic started Hazard, but Belgian too too much cheating.

4:48 in the evening 71? Morata! Transferred from Fabregas, Azpilicueta center and former Real Madrid striker are considering to open the result, but have been posted in the offside.

4:47 in the evening 70 The main headquarters of the Blues continues at the end of the game.

4:43 in the evening 68 & # 39; The new change of Londoner, Pedro replaces William.

4:42 in the evening 66 & # 39; Chelsea obviously accelerated for a few minutes and Everton suffered.

4:41 in the evening 65 & # 39; Alonso! On the long ball Rudiger, Hazard serves the Spaniard who is trying to volley, but the post refuses his attempt.

4:40 in the evening 64 & # 39; Sarri also changes with the release of Jorgyn for Cesc Fabregas.

4:39 in the evening 64 & # 39; The first change of Everton, Bernard goes to Ademol Lookman.

4:39 in the evening 63 & # 39; On acceleration, Danger rejects and strikes. Mina retreated and Pickford must work to pull the ball out of the corner.

4:37 in the evening 61 & # 39; From a distance, Hazard tries his luck, but Pickford rejects Belgium's attempt.

4:35 in the evening 60 & # 39; Villian! Brazil accelerates and crosses the shot, deeply embedded by Hazard, but is right next to the box.

4:34 in the evening 58 & # 39; In the center, Morata falls on a duel with Minom, the referee is playing.

4:32 in the evening 57 & # 39; At the corner, Everton's players are looking for Rudiger's hand, but that's not unintentional.

4:32 in the evening 56 & # 39; Sigurdsson! From the entrance to the surface, the Icelandic sends a heavy shot that Arrizabalaga can shift to the corner.

4:31 in the evening 54 & # 39; In Morate, Pickford goes out and can raise his family.

4:31 in the evening 52 & # 39; Acceleration of danger on his side, but Belgian does not find anyone.

4:29 in the evening 50 & # 39; This is activated at both banks at the beginning of the second period.

4:26 in the evening 49 & # 39; A good intervention of Arrizabalage on its surface in front of Valcott.

4:22 in the evening 47 'Morata! Initially, David Luiz sends a long ball and a center for the danger of Spin that can not be fooled by Pickford.

4:21 in the evening

46 & # 39; Returns to this match, without changing the break.

4:21 in the evening AT Little shov for a moment in this match, even if Chelsea seems to want to step up reinforcement at this end of the first period. We will meet again in a few minutes in the second period.

4:06 in the evening

45 & # 39; + 3 It's a pause at Stamford Bridge on this sad draw (0-0) for a moment.

4:04 in the evening 45 + 1 After the heat, Antonio Rudiger and Bernard Yellow.

4:02 in the evening 45 & # 39; Three minutes of extra time in this first act.

4:00 in the evening 43 & # 39; On the surface, in the duel with Digna, Morata falls, but the intervention works legally.

4:00 in the evening 42 'Alonso! In the center, Spanish control and chain, but Pickford is on parade.

3:59 in the evening 40 & # 39; For a few minutes Blues are pushing, but Everton is holding.

3:55 in the evening 38 & # 39; Nice venture by Alonso Valcott, English is being treated.

3:54 in the evening 36 & # 39; So far, the defense of Toffees fate against Chelsea's offensive has not been inspired.

3:53 in the evening 34 & # 39; Little rhythm in this duel at the top of the table in the Premier League.

3:53 in the evening 32 & # 39; Ngolo Kante broke Richarison in the middle and warned the French.

3:47 in the evening 30 & # 39; In a free kick, Digna tries to find a partner, but Kane's head crosses the frame.

3:47 in the evening 28 & # 39; Due to the loss of the ball David Luiz, Jorgino passes Bernard and then yellow.

3:46 in the evening 26 & # 39; Gilfi Sigurdsson is about to send the ball in.

3:42 in the evening 24 & # 39; On a free kick, Alonso gets in, but out of nowhere near Pickford's frame.

3:41 in the evening 22 & # 39; Jeri Mina is too rough to intervene on dangerous and yellow cards for Colombian.

3:40 in the evening 20 & # 39; Hazar turned his eyes to see his center.

3:40 in the evening 18 & # 39; The succession of the centers was signed by Jorgino and Alonso, but it is easy to dismiss.

3:39 in the evening 16 & # 39; 71% owned for Chelsea, but no chance.

3:34 in the evening 14 & # 39; After a delicate start, Hazard is gradually trying to play in his own account.

3:31 in the evening 12 & # 39; Dignea's corner refuses Jorginho, Bernard strikes, but is a bit near him.

3:30 in the evening 10 & # 39; There is no chance for Chelsea, while Everton has already tried twice.

3:25 in the evening 8 & # 39; A good start for visitors who present unusual difficulties to players Sarri.

3:25 in the evening 6 & # 39; On the free kick of Everton in the Blues, David Luiz succeeds in preventing the danger.

3:23 in the evening 4 & # 39; A good combination of Toffees, but Richarison's shot is blocked.

3:22 in the evening 2 & # 39; In the right hand, Coleman rises well in the middle and throws the ball.

3:21 in the evening

0 & # 39; Let's go with the visitors who launch this sword!

3:21 in the evening

Before the start of the match, memories are given in memory of the First World War.

3:20 in the evening

The entry of actors to the Stamford Bridge lawn, Kevin Friend will be the judge of the meeting.

3:04 in the evening

Ninth, Everton could do a nice operation on the table in case of winning today. Toffees won the last match against Brighton (1-0). On loan from Chelsea, Zouma is not allowed to play this game.

3:01 in the evening

Third in the Premier League, Chelsea is still undefeated this season and there are two wins in the league against Burnley (4-0) and Crystal Palace (3-1). If Kante is a bearer, this is not the case with Giroud, who opened his opponent's goal in the Europa League against BATE Borisov this week.

3:00 in the evening Composition of Everton: Pickford – Coleman, Keane, Mina, Vorthi – Gomes, Gueie – Valcott, Sigurdsson, Bernard – Ricarlison

For me: Stekelenburg, Jagielka, Baines, Davies, Calvert-Levin, Lookman, Tosun

2:22 in the evening Composition Chelsea: Arrizabalaga – Azpilicueta, Rudiger, D.Luiz, Alonso – Kantha, Jorginho, Kovačić – Villian, Morata, Hazard

For me: Caballero, Christensen, Zappacosta, Fabregas, Barklei, Pedro, Giroud

2:22 in the evening

Regards to all. Welcome to our website to track the match between Chelsea and Everton live, counting the Premier League day. Kickoff is scheduled at 15:15.

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