Friday , August 19 2022

PSG – PSG Football: Kurzava returns to Blues, he is very much launched


In the midst of a lot of difficulties in the left-back position, Didier Deschamps acknowledged that there is currently a lack of competition at this level.

Ferland Mendi and Benjamin Mendi could not be selected, which enabled Lucas Digneu, still close to the group and interesting for Everton, to continue his little trip to the blue. But the surprise came from the second left back. With just four starts this season, Laivin Kurzava is still far from his best form and the needed international level. However, the PSG defender was called Didier Deschamps, who quickly showed that the former Monegasque earned him a good return to the club's capital. Kurzava praised them on social media, with a message of decent Motivation quotes on Monday.

" Good things happen to those who believe in them; they are better for those who are patient, but it is best for those who never give up. GOOD TO CHOOSE MY RETURN "He called the Blues call." However, his return to the highest level is not really unanimous in the networks, because Kurzawa was immediately awarded by fans from Marseille in a message that obviously had a lot of laughter. " Good luck to the fans who will be at the reception of your centers …"So in return, he received a PSG player, who is therefore well-known for his return to the French team.

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