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Serie A – Milan: return of Alexander Pato? The player answers


He slipped to nine, even half an hour after receiving two logical red cards, Nimes in the second half broke against Nice (0-1). Aiglons boosts third success in L1 and climbs to 6th place.


Nice did not look so much. In full recovery in the L1 placement, OGCN linked the third success in the league on Saturday, each time on a 1-0 result, winning in Nimes (0-1). So Crocos paid two logical red cards that they took in the first period and pulled out as bullets during another procedure. However, they had a lively start, encouraging their more offensive demonstration in Dijon last weekend (0-4). Wide domination over the first quarter of an hour, they would open points if Umut Bozok changed the penalty that he enjoyed from the 6th minute. But the best shooter L2 defeated Valter Benitez and the game then forced Nima to develop for nine 45 minutes. A mistake with two stupid moves by Faitout Maouass and Loic Landre, both of them returned to the dressing room before the judge.

The Aglons never threatened in an offensive way, and the players were obliged to play. Their attackers were not very inspired, they did not put pressure on the Garda defense and tried to get sincere opportunities. But they finished opening points at the time of the game and were above all kept in defense of their advantage, and did not go to the shelter. With these small budgets, they managed to scare themselves to the end and later could play heroic Nimes, from Paul Bernardoni to Denis Bouanga through Anthony Briancon, all who went after them – the same to keep their team in their lives. Not enough, even though they had the right to the well-deserved ovation of the Knight in the final whistle. A consolation prize that can not improve them in the table, where they occupy the 14th place. On their side, Nice climbed to 6th place. What to do a wonderful international truce.

Film matches

1 minute
Bouanga takes the bad ball from D.Barbos to Atal and is immediately in a position to hit the left. V. Benitez intervened in two stages, missed his first shot.

6 minutes
Penalty for Nim. In front of Thiouba at the beginning of the action, M.Sarr made Nimes wing for the second time and began to blame, seeking to capture. The boss is responsible for the penalty, but his shot on the left is too soft to beat V.Benitez, left to the right.

21 minutes
Left from the left to the transplant in the axis, Maouasa separates itself in its tracks. First dry up D.Barbos before he makes a dangerous intervention on Cyprian. Logically, he gets a second warning synonymous with a red card.

45th minute + 2
Full turn to the right, Atal is a lot of speed Landre, very late to this action and author of a particularly dangerous device. That's why the former Paris logically expelled.

55 minutes
Starting from the left, the Maolida center line to Ganaga, which puts pressure on Libohi. Below is a billiard shot, which uses Balotelli, whose strong kick Bernardonieg push with a fine reflex in his left hand.

59th minute
After combining to the right with Atal, Jallet goes to the knockout position. His 20-meter shot is slightly touched by Briancon and is not far off against Bernardon, who still leaves the parade.

60th minute (0-1)
Siprien raises the ball that the defending Nima is rejected and moves M.Sarra from the left. The center of defender Nice led to a distant post from Atal, whose semi-tall baptism suffocating Bernardon despite the desperate return to his line of Briancon.

72th minute
Great service on the back of the Nimes defense, Ciprien found Atal on the right. Niusouis plays Pakuiez in the inside hook and hangs with a kick on the left side towards the opposite light window. Bernardoni is relaxed to give up with the opposite hand.

82th minute
Nice corner to the right. Savanier returns him and Dante, with a lot of people ahead of him, is close to achieving goals on his side. The ball finally goes straight to the goal of V. Benitez, shot on his line.

93 minutes
Atal to escape on the right and turn to Bernardoni at the breakpoint. However, goalkeeper Nimes refused his crossing, who once again decided to leave his team in the shot.

Cannons and flops


The author of his first goal in L1, the ATAL crowned the full benefit. Algerian multiplied excesses in his hall and entered the other half, when he became a comma with an interesting affliction with Jallet. In spite of himself, he caused Landre's expulsion.

Each goalkeeper took a big game on the first page. First, V. Benitez, deciding to stop the penalty of Bozok and without which Nice would pay her bad weather in the first quarter of an hour. Then BERNARDONI, who in the second half held precious stops to keep 0-0 and keep his team in the game to the end.

Comprehensive from one end to another meeting, BRIANCON went to the end of himself and did not play, in a good captain. On its surface it multiplied to defend the offensive of Nicoises, including the victory of many aerial spirits and the emphasis on his sense of foresight. Without it, Nimes would have taken many buoyons in the second period.


MAOUASSA closed his squad away after only 20 minutes. He warned of an obvious mistake in the game, he should have put it better on the action that gave him another yellow card. It is even more harmful that he made an interesting start to the match against his offensive spin.

With all his experience, LANDRE simply had no right to be excluded in return immediately before the break and left his team at nine. His gesture was also a very threatening to Athal's physical integrity and could give him a good suspension period. And he ruined a rather satisfying start, especially in his duel with Balotelli.

BALOTELLI, more precisely, has not yet unlocked his counter at L1, without a goal and without a decisive transition to his loan. In particular, striker Nietzsche did not show a very positive attitude and spent more time to attract the crowd than to play football. Frustrating, again.

The referee reports

In very tense matches, Benoit Bastien took over his duties, prancing two Nima before the half-time, after punishing Crocos. Each time the judge made the right decision and finally negotiated a meeting that could have turned out to be him. Jake.

List of matches

L1 (Day 38) / NOT – NICE: 0-1

Costieres (about 10,000 spectators)
Cool Veather – Medium Lavn
judge : M.Bastien (7)

the goal : Atal (61) for Nice

warnings : Maouassa (14th and 21th), Valls (92nd) and Savanier (94th) for Nimes – D.Barbosa (17th), Balotelli (29th), Herelle (57th), Jallet (65th) and Maolida (72) for Nice

ejection : Maouassa (21) and Landre (45. + 2) for Nim

Bernardoni (7) – Ripart (5), Briancon (cap) (6), Landre3), Maouassa (not rated) – Thioub (4), then Alioui (82), Savanier6), Valls5), Bouanga5) – Bozok (3) then Libohi (45. + 5 / 5), Guillaume (4) then Pakuiez (46. / 4)

I did not participate : Valette (g), Miguel, Bobichon, Posle
coach : B. Blakuart

V.Benitez (6) – Herelle (4), Dante (Cape) (5), M.Sarr5) – Atal (7), D.Barbosa (3) then Ganago (46. / 4), Tameze5), Ciprien (6), Jallet5) – Balotelli3) then Makengo (75th), Maolida (4)

I did not participate : Cardinale (g), Burner, Boscagli, Valter, Sacko
coach : P.Vieira

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