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Sexual attack: a decision is expected on Monday for the Congolese star Koffi Olomide

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Congolese singer Koffi Olomide, who is still under arrest for arrest, will know on Monday the court fate he was led by the Nanterre Criminal Court, which is investigating the sexual abuse of four of his dancers.

The public prosecutor requested, at a hearing held on February 11, seven years in prison against a star of rum, who was prosecuted for "sexual abuse by violence, coercion, threat or surprise of a person with authority" and for "sequestration". The facts allegedly committed in the Paris region between 2002 and 2006.

The prosecution has also called for two fines of 5,000 euros to facilitate the entry and illegal stay of prosecutors in France.

The 62-year-old star did not appear at the trial, contrary to what he had suggested through his lawyer several months earlier.

At the hearing, however, two assistants were present, accused of complicity. The public prosecutor ordered sentences ranging from one to two years in prison.

In February 2012, Koffi Olomide was charged with rape that was severe, he saw that the defendants against him were relieved of the charges and that the proceedings had been corrected.

The accusers accuse them of imposing uncontrolled relationships, especially when the artist has recorded or recorded in France.

Seizure facts would have occurred in the Asnieres-sur-Seine Pavilion (Hauts-de-Seine). Without an identification document and telephone, young women were housed by their boss who kept them 24 hours a day, according to their statements.

When their boss expressed his desire, one of these guards more often followed the dancers to him, the hotel or the camera studio, they said, evoking reports imposed without a condom. And they scream when they fought. If they refused him, he did not make them work anymore.

Four dancers eventually came out of the pavilion one night in June 2006 and filed a complaint in 2007, 2009 and 2013. They never returned to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, for fear of retaliation.

Koffi Olomide returned to his country in 2009 when he learned that an indictment was filed against him, including pre-trial detention.

Antoine Agbepa Mumba, his real name, has already been convicted in the past. He was briefly jailed in 2016 for giving one of his dancers a violent blow. In 2012, he was also convicted of violence against his producer.

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