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Ve Love Green 2019 – Artists do not miss out

This weekend will be the 8th edition of the festival, which will be held again in Bois de Vincennes and will it be there, with you?

A festival with ecological dedication that has already been awarded, this year hard work and meals in large. In addition to the tempting program, we also notice the presence of famous chefs such as Bertrand Grebaut from Septime la Cave, Taku Sekine from Golden Horse, Mahaside Ikut who serves Red Children's Market or Gregory Marchand from Frenchie To Go. Vegan / vegetarian places and other barbecues will always be there, there will be something for everyone.

We have water in our mouth just thinking about it, but let's go back to music with artists that we will not miss.

Dark Impala

Because we want to hear the new songs of Kevin Parker and his band since we listened to Borderline. Their psyche pop melodies that we missed a bit, we admit!


Because it's a good opportunity to see the duke on stage and communicate with a spleen between two sips electrical outlet D.U.C is awaiting the result of his Rainbow Challenge

FKA Tvigs

Because we are intrigued by the world of an English singer dealing with aesthetics and singing to perfection. We do not know what to expect at the festival, and not in the concert hall, but we will be ahead of the stage to discover!


We talked to you before the singer worked in the universe, we can tell the same Rosalie who has flamenco flamenco, adding pop, R & # 39; B and what bling bling needs.

Kali Uchis

Because she knows everything to do: a singer, musician, composer, author, producer, director and so on. But she especially gave out a very good Isolation, the first album we can not wait to dance. If not on the title below, she invited Steve Lacy and only for that is great yes!

This is obviously not all

The list is long and we would like to see what is worth on the scene: the future because we did not expect this year, Aia Nakamura because we hope to be excited about the VLG19, hamza for the real French R & # 39; B scene and 13Block because we have confidence in the future.

We will not forget to see again Chris (tine) & The Kueenwho will show us a small bow, Metronomes because we love them, Calipso Rose to warm our hearts with our rhythms and joy, Altin Gun for the atmosphere and the saz or Lolo Zouai because we did not have the opportunity to see her on the scene. I almost forgot Erika Baducapable of better and worse returning.

There is a complete program for these two days.

You will understand, all these years will be for the ears, for the mouth with many feeders, and for the spirit through Think Tanks about ecological transformation. We finished with our eco-cup and our tapas vases in Vincennes?

There are still places, hurry! Ve Love Green, June 1-2, 2019 in Paris / Vincennes

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