Sunday , October 2 2022

"We have published what we have negotiated"


"We have published what we have negotiated. We will distribute dividends to people, while retaining a predominant share for future generations"said Seidou Gueie, national spokesman for the Union for the Republic (April).

Faced with the press, this morning Seidou Gueie believes that President Macki Sall is right to ask those who do not know and can not say anything about the difference between gas and oil fields in order to have the humility to inform ourselves that he would not be lost in the random judgments of the expert from pseudo-political oil.

Mackey Sall's decision to publish all contracts represents, in his words, great democratic progress, which extends the scope of transparency to enable the Senegalese population to respect the conditions of negotiations with a starting point, protecting the best interests of the nation, based on the relevant provisions of our mining codes.

"The ranking received under the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) has just strengthened the great progress made in this area."he added, adding that"Senegal is the fourth country in the world that recognized Itie for this place".

Accordingly, the AP spokesperson finds that the Mackey Sall record deserves mass support to enable him to complete his vision of the emerging Senegal. Because, along with the social decline and stabilization of basic food prices, the price of electricity, the revaluation of student scholarships and the improvement of their living conditions, Pudz, family safety grants, Puma or Promovilles, Prodac or Der, the horizon of opportunities for Senegal opens up and consolidates hope and trust.


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