Sunday , February 28 2021

With an open heart, Moroccan actress Sofia Essaidi talks about her choices

In an interview with SouthInfo, the artist with more hats studied her career, her choices in more detail, and above all how her stay in the Castle forged her character. Sofia Essaidi now wants to use her personal history to the advantage of the roles offered to her. “I am a demanding person. Shooting less means shooting better “, she confides, as if answering those who have questions about her repeated absences from the stage.

The performance of the actress in “Promise” is unanimous, to the great joy of the latter, who is thrilled to learn that people now understand the path she is trying to provide for her career and which seemed misunderstood. “They just needed to offer me quality projects that touch me. I’m a pretty demanding person. I need roles as an echo of my story. “My goal is not to be famous, but to be fulfilled and in harmony with myself,” she said.

In “The Promise,” Sofia Essaidi plays Sarah Castaing, a police officer from the juvenile brigade. Obviously, everything is made for a singer, whose acting career is consolidating quite well. According to her, certain injuries to the character are closely related to her. “When we reopen certain wounds, it is never easy, it hurts a lot. We revive difficult emotions, but we heal with that. “Today, I am calm and happy, even if I still have a lot to discover about myself,” he reports SouthInfo.

The Moroccan actress shares the poster of the series with Olivier Marshall, a French actor, accustomed to the roles of police officers. The actress is happy because of this meeting, which she is convinced has brought her a lot. “Olivier is an extraordinary person. She has tenderness, elegance and humanity that touched me greatly. We also talked about working together again. I hope this can happen. “

At the age of 19, Sofia Essaidi left the show “Star AC”, with the notoriety she had to contain with the help of her relatives. “I understood the” Academy of Stars “as a huge game. After this program, I had something to write, to prove everything. Some saw it as the end, I as the beginning of a possible career. I would never deny this show, it helped me a lot and taught me. “

But what about his music career? Will music lovers continue to listen to the singer’s sulfur voice? She says she took a step back due to some injuries. “I had to regain the freedom I no longer had. Artistic freedom, but also timing. “I can’t wait to be able to return to the stage and experience these crazy emotions when you are populated with your songs,” said the same source.

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