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40 million more for pensions Economy


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05. November 2018. 11:06> 19:13 |

The Ministry of Finance published a budget statement in 2019. In the name of increasing the salary of an additional 8.5 billion

EMPLOYEES in the police, the Security and Information Agency and the Ministry of Defense will receive an increase of 9% next year. It follows teachers and employees in social care institutions. Taxes and customs officers expect an increase of 8.5 percent, while other budget users – seven percent. Doctors and dentists will receive salaries by 10 percent, technicians by 12 percent, and others in healthcare – seven percent.

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The Finance Ministry announced on Monday the limits in which users can plan their budgets in the next three years. The manual reveals how much public sector wages will grow. The next year, savings on earnings of the elderly will be abolished, which, with an increase of up to five percent for certain categories of pensioners, will cost a budget of 40 billion.

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The state register will also give up part of the wages of employees in public enterprises, which in previous years lasted. Employees in public companies allocate an additional 8.5 billion dinars.

MORE FOR ENERGY CONSUMPTION The energy-endangered consumer will be somewhat stronger – from 1.32 billion. Approximately 900 million dinars are available this year. For the financing of public services, RTS and RTV, they are planning a subsidy of four billion dinars. 500 million dinars are foreseen for free tourist vouchers, and 65 million dinars for the support of "Egzit" festival.

The Ministry of Finance set the limits for the next year for 56 budget users, in the total amount of 1.182 billion.

The guidelines also envisage subsidies for 2019, and the list of users of these incentives remains similar.

Railway companies and intermodal traffic will receive 14.65 billion dinars. "Roads of Serbia" can hope to help 6.3 billion dinars, and "Corridors of Serbia" will be 3.1 billion dinars.

The total subsidies in the field of agriculture, which are paid from the division of the ministry, will be at least 36.2 billion dinars, while subsidies in the field of economy are planned in the amount of 17.59 billion dinars.

Preparation of the budget for 2019 funds for local self-government units were planned for 33.3 billion dinars. The state plans a transfer to the budget of AP Vojvodina in the amount of 558.4 million dinars for the construction of the building of Radio-Television of Vojvodina and 330 million dinars for the continuation of the project for the adaptation, reconstruction and upgrading of the National Theater building in Subotica.

It'll be for the cable car The Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications in 2019 can plan a little more funds. The limit was set at 6.03 billion dinars, which is close to 2.5 billion dinars more than this year. More funds are planned in this section, because the construction of a gondola in Belgrade is expected, as well as the performance of our country at the World Exhibition in Dubai.

The instructions for budget preparation in 2019 predict a significant increase in public investment, or an additional 30 billion for infrastructure projects.

– Reducing the tax burden of work is also foreseen by the abolition of unemployment insurance contributions at the expense of the employer and this measure reduces the tax burden of the average net salary by one percentage point, from 63 percent to 62 percent, according to the Ministry of Finance. – Savings for the total economy on this basis amount to RSD 11.9 billion, and the net effect on the fiscal result is estimated at around 9 billion dinars. Reduction of parafiscal levies is also foreseen by the abolition of individual fees, with an estimated loss of revenue on that basis of about two billion dinars.

The Ministry of Finance estimates that economic growth in 2019 will amount to 3.5 percent.

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