Friday , June 2 2023

A BRUTAL STRIKE IN FOOTBALL! FIFA documents have been leaked, it is a shame what is being prepared for the World Cup!


The latest information from France reveals – the national teams will have only seven days of preparation for the World Cup in Qatar for players who come from European clubs!

As “L’Equipe” reveals, the internal documents of UEFA show that the participants of the World Cup in 2022 will have only a week of preparation for the most important and most prestigious tournament in this sport.

UEFA member clubs will allow their players to leave their teams only on November 14, exactly seven days before the start of the World Cup in Qatar on November 21.

This means that the vast majority of national teams in the tournament will have big problems, playing friendly matches will be a practically impossible mission.

It seems that this is on the verge of a new war between UEFA and FIFA, since such a move by the European Football Union would seriously affect the World Football Federation and their main “product” – the World Cup.

The World Cup in Qatar was moved a few years ago from June and July to November and December 2022, due to the harsh climate in that country.

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