Thursday , September 29 2022

Alexandra said that the eggs separated David and the Moon, snuffed them, and then the Jogani spoke! (PHOTO) | Telegraph


And tonight, the associates answered the questions of viewers in socializing with Milan Mitrovic, in which, as well as the most active participants of the rialitia, prevail.

The first question was for Aleksandar Subotica, and it refers to the relationship between the Moon and David, which everyone has been talking about for a long time.

– Moon sets a story that will not happen to Nemanja because she does not like … Luna and David are the best couple, unlike him and you – a message from the viewer for Alexander was broadcast and she commented like this:

– Nemanja, I miss you a lot. I was very bad because he was my close friend. Nobody was a student, he's older than me for 10 years and I can not manage it. And isolation is paradise on earth, I do not have to watch some people … and David and I are closer than ever, as if I were separated from the riait, we are great friends. Dusmani, how much you want! – Alexander finished.

Aleksandra Subotic / Printskrin: TV Pink

The moon rose at that moment and immediately said that she felt that she was in contact with every man, and especially with David.

– It's terrible to me, I keep watch, such pressure … With every human being you are! Somebody comes to me, and I relax to be my friend and something stupid happens. She's terrible, but she does not touch me, because I know it's not true and nothing will change. I will hang out with them and be close to David as before! – The Moon is over.

Luna Djogani / Printskrin: TV Pink

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