Tuesday , September 27 2022

Dragana Mirkovic has a sister, do you know who she is?! – ShovBiz – Region – News


Singer Dragana Mirkovic, who lives in Vienna, owns her television and never boasted of her wealth and has always pointed out that her family is in the first place. She takes care of her children, she always supports her husband, of course, she does not forget her family in Kasidol. Mother and father regularly visit, and her sister Dusica is very closely connected.

Dragana Mirkovic and Dusica always supported each other, and the singer is now employed on the "DM Sat" television, performing all the tasks when Dragan and her husband Toni are unable to do so.

Nina Krumov talked about her sister about her sister about a year ago, that she was always proud of her talent, and found out that she was sorry that the singer was no longer educated in music because she had an incredible talent and she was a great student.

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