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Firefox sends information about what we type on Mozilla servers


Firefox sends information about what we type on Mozilla servers

Firefox in its version 92, the “Firefox Suggest” function is enabled by default. According to Mozilla, Firefox Suggest is a new feature, which is built directly into the browser and provides suggestions depending on what the user enters instead of the URL field being the only interface for the browser.

To achieve this, Firefox sends Mozilli new data – this specifically applies to what the user types in the search box, location data to find results about surrounding events, as well as information about whether the user clicks on suggestions and which suggestions they click on.

This would not be a problem if Firefox Suggest was an optional feature and not a feature that is enabled by default. Those who are concerned about their safety can still turn off Firefox Suggest through the following steps:

Click on the “hamburger” menu icon in Firefox and select Settings;
Select Privacy and Security on the left and scroll to Address bar – Firefox Suggest section;
In this menu, you can disable contextual suggestions that require data to be sent to Mozilla servers. Suggestions can also be excluded based on search history, bookmarks, and other data;

For those users who don’t care about sending data to Mozilla, Firefox Suggest is likely to be a useful feature. In any case, Mozilla’s privacy policy clearly explains that the data collected is used exclusively in a manner permitted by the user.

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