Tuesday , September 27 2022

Jovii: Before the meal we said that "Marakana" will not be easy for VIDEO


Red Star midfielder Branko Jovii said that Milan Pavkov scored a match with Liverpool, but that the key to winning is the compact game of the entire team.

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Liverpool won 2: 0 in the "Rajko Miti" Stadium and played the famous club from Enfield, who now has a 3-1 victory in defeat and defeat.

Several of those who expected to be red and white, after 4-0 to Liverpool at Enfield, could draw more points from their terrain and repeat Napoli. They did more and they will remember.

"We published in a statement that players in Liverpool will not be easier in" Marakana ", we all know what games we can play here. I think they all earned all this, we are doing a valuable second year in a row and we have won against a team like Liverpool. a memory that will surely remain alive in our hearts, " He said after me Jovi.

His team needed experience to play better than match in the match.

"We also came after the game that some parts of the game in Liverpool were better than in Paris. For such matches we need experience and I think we are emo from the game in the game to grow as a team," adds Jovii.

He said that the key to winning is a compact game on all parts of the field. After the first half in which Pavkov scored two goals, Zvezda defended in the last half hour of the match.

"We played a fantastic team game, we were aggressive, compact on every corner of the court and I think that's the key for us. We know football is a collective sport and we're lucky, Pavkov said, but they are all worth it"
Joviy concluded.

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