Wednesday , May 25 2022

Kassandra, what have you done? In the nineties, Serbia fell in her HISTERIA, and now she hung a picture WITHOUT CURRENT, and you would never recognize her (PHOTO) | Fun


Koraimu Tores, 45, was introduced to the local audience in 1997 in the series "Kassandra". In the main role of this popular series, and after broadcasting the first episode, she won the entire Balkans.

Each girl had an album with images of the same name and the tape was the most popular fashion detail – just like Korai worn. The girls have grown, and Korai is no longer old.

The actress today is 45 years old, still boasts incredible beauty, but in the latest painting many would not recognize him. Sweat, red and no lipstick makeup, Korai released gym selfies and many in this picture would not recognize.

The Venezuelan actress is still working full-length – she is currently playing in the "Sala de urgencias" series, and she is also very active on social networks, where she regularly captures photographs, many of which are provocative.

Although she was 45 years old (yes, it's been a long time since she interpreted Kassandra's character as a teenager), she must admit that Korai looks great. / Foto Printsceen


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