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Kids, to school! Knowledge remains for life, football is in other places


Timely message from Blank Milenkovic: Children, to school! Knowledge remains for life, football is in other places

Now it's all like a fairy tale. The game in Serie A, in an ideal talent development club, faces some of the world's best players every week … It was not so long ago that from Zarkov to Zemun had to have the famous "88" coming from the family home to training Partizan .

During that period he did not leave Nikola Milenković there is no education, and as soon as the school training in the Sports Center Black and White entered the school, he learned important life lessons. About patience, work, discipline, and today, when models of boys' samples in Serbia begin to play football or building a career, they are convinced that they should not break the stairs. As if it was not.
"I lived at one end of the city, went to training at training and to school at the third end. In the morning I went home and returned in the evening. It happened that I slept on the bus and I continued to drive to the last station, when the murder was corrupted. That's what my mother remembers today. Now I am a representative of Serbia and a member of Fjorentina. It turns out it's okay", Satisfactorily records the last member of the eagles four in the interview Biljana Obradovic For TV Partizan.

He remembered, it turned out, the key moment of the previous career, when after the turboilent autumn of 2015 a club from Humska 1 was replaced Ljubinka Drulović and he brought it to the bench Ivan Tomić. You know others …
"We first co-operated in Teleoptik and later transferred me to Partizan's first team, things went in the right direction, children must understand football as a game, focus on school and football in other places, that's my advice and I kept it It is important for me, and it does not matter in football, what can happen tomorrow. It's basic for me to go to the country to learn the language, great thing. My wish is to play in several countries to learn what It means a lot to life. "

For those who are now breaking the way to the big scene, he had a message that could be classified as timeless, and it is especially interesting to come from the boy's mouth who celebrated his 21st birthday on October 12, which shows he is mature.
"They have to be patient and that's my recommendation for everyone. When I was in the younger categories, there were situations that were not good when I was out of the team. My family was with me, she gave me support and asked me to be patient. And I was. As time passed, the quality became more and more important. "

Against Dris Mertens from Naples

He is aware that he had a natural line of growth. Teleoptik, Partizan, Fjorentina, Serbian national team. No one gave him anything, I fought for myself.
"In my career everything is going fast. I'm trying to stay in the field, concentrate, to make progress from day to day. Moving to the first team of Partizan made me dream. I always believed in the capacities and quality and I knew that the day would come when he would sail. This desire came quickly to me, but I think I did everything well. I stay the same, I'm just trying to do my job".

And you are so good. He had somewhere to find out what it means under pressure because, as Tomić explained to him, "0: 0 is an unfavorable result for Partizan, so from the first game we have to fight for a change."
"It's hard to play in Partizan, but it's also nice. After the defeat and unresolved results there is chaos, and victories bring beauty. This is so in all the teams in the championship, even in black and white. Older players and trainers help young people face pressure. "

Celebration with Dusan Vlahovic and Grobar after the goal of Red Star in the final cup

He swore Black people an unforgettable march on a double crown from the 2016/17 season.
"Few who believed that Partizan could be in the title, but Marko Nikolic told us on a daily basis that there is a chance and that the trophy is not lost. He led us with enthusiasm, we did not give up from the moment, we believed and in the end we took a double crown. Since we lost the win, the support of the fans was higher. Perfect"Provides an excellent pedestrian and (right) backward, reminding of the motivational messages of family members and girls before the final cup with the Red Star when it was the decision maker."We were emptying ahead of the finals. This video raised us, it was motivated, the players colored as they watched. I could not imagine a better end of that period in Partizan; it was my last match for Black and White during that period".

This year is mentioned Nikola Milenković he could have code with Atletico Diabetes Simeon, Juventus put him on the wish list for the next June and a month's visit Jose Mourinho It is clear to Podgorica that Manchester United is also interested.
"When I read such titles, I was glad. I practiced everything in my own way, leaving nothing in my career. I live in the present, I can not foresee the future"The Serbian defense attorney concluded.

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