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LOW AT THE ROAD – BRESTAČ: Burying trucks and van, injuring ten people | Chronicle


S. Kostic |

November 15, 2018

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The crash happened when the truck, due to still established reasons, crossed the left carriage and directly collided with a van

In a traffic accident that occurred on Thursday afternoon on the Pecinci-Brestac road, ten people were injured. A crash happened when the truck, for some unknown reasons, crossed the left tape and immediately collided with a van, in which workers returned from work.

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As told "Novostima" in the emergency room in the cavalry, all prisoners were taken to Bežanijska kosa in Zemun.

– Our teams were hospitalized in Zemun. Of the six injured people, only one woman was vigorously endangered and she was first transported to the hospital. The injured suffered an open fracture of the leg and head injury. Medical assistance was requested by four more people who were brought in by private transport, and received minor injuries – it was told to our emergency services list.

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