Thursday , June 1 2023

Mihajloviceva: The state is building 200 kilometers of highways


Answering the question of whether the state is powerless to finish all infrastructure projects and settle with illegal facilities, Mihajlovic said that this Serbian government has shown how strong it is.

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"The country we are leading is not at all impotent. Whether powerless was the one who promised that Corridor 10 would be completed in 2004, or this one which will let go of traffic and section in Grdelica Gorge by the end of the year and which has finished 200 a kilometer of new highways? Was it powerless to restore almost a single kilometer of railroads, or this one that has restored more than 200 kilometers of railroads? Was it powerless to wait for building permits for years or this one today? which permits are obtained electronically in a few days a? ", emphasized Mihajlovic.

When asked how it is possible to get down the slopes on the Grdelica highway, Mihajlovic said that it was a matter of things that are happening on construction sites all over the world.

"But we also need to know that the highway through Grdelica did not exist until 2012 and that it started to be built only in 2013 and 2014. Slashing the slope is a problem, but our experts and companies have solved this problem, such as have already built this section whereby citizens will be able to pass the cars by the end of the year. For four years I run this ministry and it can already be seen what has been done. There is no need to talk, but we can ride new highways to Macedonia and Bulgaria, to drive new trains on the reconstructed part of the Bar and other tracks a ", says Mihajlovic.

Speaking about illegal construction on Kopaonik, Mihajlovic pointed out that it was an isolated case and an exception, rather than a rule, because 79 illegal buildings from protected zones have been hitherto installed and that the state will solve this case as well.

"I can not afford to see from the individual cases anything that has been done to be seen. Do not forget that we have a real explosion of wild construction on Zlatibor and that we have reacted to this by protecting this part of Serbia so that it can no longer be built where it arrives" , Mihajlović pointed out.

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