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Nutrition and health

Proper nutrition in theory sounds quite simple, but it is not always easy to persevere to keep it healthy. However, the results of recent research have shown that it is important for health not only to eat, but also how fast the food "disappears" from your plate.

Japanese scientists followed 1083 adults for five years, and respondents were divided into three categories, based on how fast they eat: "slow", "normal" and "fast". At the beginning of the research, all participants filled out questionnaires on eating habits, degree of physical activity and general health.

At the beginning of the study, none of the volunteers suffered from metabolic syndrome, which means that none of them had at least three of the following factors: obesity in the stomach area, low HDL cholesterol, elevated triglycerides, elevated blood pressure or blood sugar. Poor values ​​of at least three of these criteria indicate an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, and in one name this condition is called metabolic syndrome.

Five years later, when they replenished the same questionnaire, 84 metabolic syndromes turned out, and according to a survey published in the circulation journal, most of them were from the group who said they were "eating fast". People who "feed" their legs have a 89% higher risk of developing metabolic syndrome than those who eat slower.

But that's not all that scientists have concluded. Fast food respondents for five years received more pounds, increased waist, and blood sugar levels were higher than those who suggested eating slower.

Doctors say this is related to the fact that your brain needs some time to handle the fact that you are naive, and as long as that does not happen, continue to eat.

"When people eat fast, they continue to eat even after they stop hungry," says Dr Takajuki Jamai of the University of Hiroshima, who led this research. "Also, people who eat fast blood sugar jumps are more important, and this can lead to insulin resistance."

This study confirms the findings of previous studies that have already shown that it is much better for your health if you eat slower. A study in New Zealand showed that people who eat from the legs have a higher body mass index than those who eat alone, and a Chinese study has shown that normal body weight and obese people eat less if they receive instructions to eat each bite 40 times instead of 15 , before they swallow it.

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