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Thaci expects the EU to condemn the "racist language of the Serbian prime minister"


Kosovo President Hashim Thaçi told Radio Free Europe "that the racist language of the prime minister of Serbia" Ana Brnabic is the best evidence of "pathological hatred towards the current Serbian regime towards the citizens of Kosovo" and expects the EU to condemn and distance itself from such a dictionary of Serbian officials.

Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said on Wednesday, in the presence of EU Ambassador to Serbia, Sema Fabricia, that she is worried and afraid of the situation in Kosovo because you are dealing with "people who literally left the forest".

"This is nothing new or extraordinary for us, because we very well know the genocidal character of yesterday's and present-day Serbia. But what is different and disappointing is the bitter fact that the EU does not condemn such racist and anti-European behavior of Serbia," Thaci said .

The president of Kosovo added that, on the contrary, the EU continues to hold "an open door to a country that has committed genocide and which today does not believe in European values."

"On the other hand, the EU continues to discriminate against the Kosovars and keep them isolated, without the hope of joining the Union. Such a selective and discriminatory approach hampers the credibility of the EU in the eyes of the citizens of Kosovo," Thaci said.

Kosovo President expects the EU "to condemn as soon as possible and to distance itself from such a racist dictionary of Serbian officials that incites hatred and minimizes efforts for reconciliation and normalization".

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