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The winner of the FIFA World Cup: Djokovic has nothing to do with the game Federer could not beat | | Tennis


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November 12, 2018. 14:33 |

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At this moment, Djokovic is the best, solid, stable, strong in defense. However, there is nothing so special about his game that Roger could not beat him, says Severin Luti

Severin Luti is long-time coach Roger Federer, one of the most deserving ones, since 37-year-old Switzerland has so much in the world. Their cooperation lasts 11 years and will continue.

"Roger will definitely play in 2019, we never talked about withdrawing," Luti said.

However, something has changed. Federer comes to the tournament to play tennis, but not to win the cup.

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"For the first time in Melbourne 2017, before the Australian Open, he said he had nothing to lose and he would play without pressure. He realized that he had done so much so that he no longer had to win the tournament and that he would remain one of the biggest, perhaps the greatest of all times, "explained Luti.

Passion for victory, however, exists, especially when playing with the biggest rivals – Novak Djokovic and Rafa Nadal.

"It's their rivalry, especially since Djokovic failed to win Nadal, so Nadal could not beat Djokovic … At this point, Djokovic is the best, solid, stable and strong in defense, especially in his game that Roger could not If Roger plays well, he can overcome it, "Luti said.

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