Tuesday , May 30 2023

(VIDEO) MARIJA, I WANT TO GET IN UNUK ŽELJKO DAM! Monstrous curse Jelena Golubovic in "Zadruga"


A terrible argument began when Golubovic accused Mary and Miljan of spoiling food, and the older Kulicka returned it fiercely:
Shut up, honey! You have curved legs and crazy hair! You escaped from the last "Cooperative" because of Miljana. You do not have anyone in the world. You will never have a child. Still bury your mother and grandmother and you will stay alone. Shit one!

Jelena then jumped as dirty:
You let your daughter get pregnant, risking the life of your baby! You are the mother you refer to your family. You scream that I will not have children. Here, I want you to die for you. Let's not experience a year. And you will bury your husband, children, everything!

Then the two of them began to cough, but security immediately reacted and prevented the fight.
Your daughter is in the toilet. They pumped her and married her. Nobody was pregnant. At least I was true – whispered Jelena, whom Kulica purified her:

– You're jealous of Miljan because nobody will. You had sex in a barn, you're just getting to know it!

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