Saturday , June 3 2023

"What kind of family does it behave!" A singer without hair on your lips! | Telegraph


Singer Saši Karan was robbed by Luni Đogani, and then mentioned the bloggers' parents, whom she believes have fallen short when it comes to raising her daughter.

– From what kind of family the Moon is sunk, so it behaves. Parents should invest in their education, to educate them, and not to get into reality. What will she do with her life, sad poor? It is a shame today that a young person has not been educated, "Sasa said, then continued to study the Moon.

Sakson Karan, Printskrin: TV Pink

– They think that there lies money and that they will get a profit, and a school that sows. It's okay, we all stand for money, we all need money, but it's also important to finish college. What will work later in life, it's already her thing. I really do not know what can be shown in cooperation, except that people spit more, "Karanova said.

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